Legacy Giving


Leaving a bequest to the Church is your legacy to the faith you have cherished during your lifetime, and will be an eternal blessing for our current and future generation members. And as you know, Asbury works to support many great efforts within the Church as well as the community. What is your legacy? What has special meaning to you within the Church? If you would like to leave part of your legacy to continue the work of Asbury, or include in your will, a specific area, you may designate where you want your legacy to be directed. Be it Outreach, Capital Expenses, or a Mission which is important to you. Perhaps a portion of your legacy could be directed to be used, each year, for the budget to ensure a program will continue. 

Please reach out to our Pastor if you are looking for guidance or suggestions, in where to direct your funds. 

1- 860-584-0529 office


As Christians we share in the affirmation that all we have comes from God. It is our joy to take care of God’s trust in us for our family, for ourselves, and for the world. When we recognize God in all we have, all we are, and all we do, giving becomes an act of faith.