Youth Ministry

CONFIRMATION CLASS - for Students grade 8 and older. a time for our youth to explore the faith that they have lived since their time of Baptism.

The class prepares the participants for the actual celebration of Confirmation, when they stand before the congregation and confirm for themselves the vows that were spoken on their behalf at their Baptism.

We will spend a number of months meeting every other week to engage in study of significant aspects of our faith, perform community service and take field trips to experience other faith communities.

Please talk to Pastor Laura if you or your child is interested in the class or would like info.

YOUTH GROUP - For Middle and High School Students. Meets once a week.

Serves at church functions wherever needed.

Supports mission projects of the church.

Takes many day trips.

asbury kids One Room, Music and More- Children of all ages and their friends are welcome. Meets during sunday school on the First sunday of each month.

Harriet Donovan and Donna Pehmoeller use music and multimedia to enhance Sunday school teaching and Bible stories.

Children have the opportunity to participate in Children's Sunday and the annual Christmas Pageant.